Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warm Fuzzy

The Warm Fuzzy

I talked to B.B.’s dad last week and he told me that B.B. had a girlfriend now. His mom was caught in a meth lab bust in January and will be ‘going away” for a long time. That saddened me and I offered again to be a resource for the daughter (younger than B.B.) if she needed someone to “shop” with, talk to or whatever as a mentor. Through another source, I’m aware that she was sent home from school for head lice recently.

The warm fuzzy came when B.B.’s dad thanked me for telling him about he 504 accommodation for ADHD and how to ask for one. He said they got one in place for B.B. and that this last quarter B.B. had all A’s and B’s. This warmed my soul. Again, I can’t save the world but when I feel like I made a difference…..what a joy that brings to my soul… I’ll continue along adding one ice cube to the hot soup of life as I get the chance.