Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Cycle Repeating

I learned today that B.B.'s Dad called him in for using drugs and he was placed in a foster home away from this town we live in. Then I saw and talked to him today – he said he still had my number and he’d call me to keep me informed on how he was doing….makes me sad, because I don’t think my phone will ring.

He said he messed up. His sister said he was doing drugs. I reminded her if she ever needed someone to shop with, hang with she could call me - that Courtney and I loved to go shopping and hang out. She said she had my number. Again, I don't think my phone will ring.

Why must those cycles repeat themselves…..who are the strong ones that are empowered to break the chains? Why can’t I save him from his path that seems so pre-destined?
Dear God – empower him to find a good path. Empower him to deny the vices that are presented to him along the way. Empower him to find YOU. Amen